About Us

The Good Sam Foundation is a Bengaluru based NGO, we are a registered Public Charitable Trust founded in 2016. The Foundation reaches out to People with Disabilities, at the bottom of the pyramid whose lives have been shattered by an untimely incident or a tragedy that has befallen them. We also work on empowering women and youth.

Our Purpose

Extend support to people in distress and desperate circumstances and bring relief, healing and restoration of health in mind and body and sets them up to celebrate life again.

The service of the Good Sam Foundation transcends barriers of religion, language, caste, sexual orientation, nationality and focuses on humanitarian service.

GoodSam Vision

Our Vision

Mercy, Compassion, Love & Service for Humanity.

Our Mission

  • Relief to people in emergencies and desperate circumstances (accident, abuse, emotional and mental trauma, etc.).
  • Work with People with Disabilities (PWD's).
  • Education and Health support - Aid in need.
  • Women & Child support and guidance.
  • Vocational training and skill development.
  • Employment and Livelihood.

Registrations & Policies