Roshini is an initiative that focuses on skill development and education among women and youth at the bottom of the pyramid.


  • The tailoring course includes design making and stitching of clothes for women and children. Woman and child health care support services.
  • Parental guidance on the importance of children's education.
  • Women become income generators and contributors to the family income. They also enjoy a level of independence and are not totally dependent on their spouse/ family members/ third parties for financial support and basic sustenance.
  • Women develop the ability to manage time and money.
  • The institute is a place where women from similar situations and backgrounds come together and form strong bonds of friendship that carry on beyond the course.

Future Secure

People with disabilities often find it burdensome to continue their education or support the education of their children. Future Secure provides laptops, educational aids and assistance by way of school/ college fees. How can you support us through Future Secure:

  • Make a short term commitment to cover fees upto 12 months.
  • Make a long term commitment to cover fees above 12 months upto 5 years or until employment, whichever comes first.
  • Make a one time contribution to support specific needs.
  • Gift a laptop or help us procure a refurbished one by donating. (Appox Rs.22000/-)
  • Note: Our project team monitors the progress of every child supported by us.