The Good Sam Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust, registered with the Sub-Registrar of Banaswadi, Bangalore on the 7th June, 2016. (Registration. No: BNS-4-00191-2016-17)

The Good Sam Foundation reaches out to people whose lives have been shattered, broken or derailed by tragic situations or desperate circumstances and has supported them with timely help to bring healing and restoration in

their lives and set them up to face and celebrate life again.

The service of the Good Sam Foundation transcends barriers of religion, language, caste, sexual orientation, nationality and focuses on humanitarian service.

We are eternally thankful to all the aid and welfare workers of hospitals, doctors, counselors, social bodies, societies, friends and benefactors who have extended us different forms of support and assistance which have gone a long way in helping us to reach out and care for those in desperate

need and difficult circumstances. The Good Sam Foundation is led and managed by a Board of Trustees, comprising of the following members.

David Istacky, Managing Trustee
Nelly Prichard, Secretary cum Treasurer
Simon Rodrigues, Trustee & Advisor


The Good Sam Foundation is an NGO that lends a helping hand to people in distress and desperate circumstances helps bring relief, healing and restoration of health of mind and body and sets them up to celebrate live.

The service of the Good Sam NGO transcends barriers of religion, language, caste, sexual orientation, nationality and focuses on humanitarian service.


  • Mercy, Compassion, Love & Service for humanity


  • Relief to people in emergencies and desperate circumstances
    (accident, abuse, emotional and mental trauma etc.…)
  • Working with People with Disabilities (PWD's), bringing healing and restoration to the mind and body
  • Education and Health support - Aid in need
  • Women & Child support, counseling and guidance
  • Vocational training and skill development
  • Employment and sustainability


  • Emergency help and rehabilitation: Patients who have been paralyzed by spinal injuries have received critical medical attention, therapy and counseling to help them deal with their situation and depression due to their debilitating condition.
  • Prosthetic limbs, wheel chairs, crutches and special vehicles for handicapped -people
  • Education aid and assistance for children
  • Counseling & support for people facing unemployment and financial challenges
  • Reaching out to people suffering from depression and helping them access to specialists and necessary therapy
  • School fees for the children of blind parents and other deserving cases


  • Ongoing skill development project in a slum in Vijinapura for women in Tailoring and Computers.
  • The institute currently has 5 tailoring machines and 5 computers to run the tailoring and computer courses.
  • The women have now become income generators and do not have to depend completely on their spouse, family members or third parties for financial support and basic sustenance.
  • Students have developed the ability to manage time and money
  • The institute is a place where women from similar situations and backgrounds come together and form strong bonds of friendship that carries on beyond the institute too.

Strategy Document | 2017-2019

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Account Name : "The Good Sam Foundation" S/B Account No : 040710149589 IFSC code : CNRB0000407


Regd. Office: Unit No. 301, Elegant Spencer Apartment
24/3, Spencer Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore 560 005 INDIA
Mob: +91 98860 30809, +91 91102 01541
e-mail: istackydavid@yahoo.com